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League Pics

Stats & Schedule



These times are when the first ball hits the lane. Please arrive 15 minutes ahead of your match.


Lane 1: Skee Amigos vs. Takin’ It Skeezy
Lane 2: Skee No Evil vs. Beers, Balls, Battlestar Galactica
Lane 3: Brew Legit to Quit vs. Back Alley Rollers


Lane 1: Skee’s Company vs. Tis the Skeeson
Lane 2: Skeelino and Barnes vs. Mike/Blake/Tyler
Lane 3: Hollywoo Stars vs. Skeez Nuts


Lane 1: Hollywoo Stars (makeup) vs. Skee’s Company (makeup)
Lane 2: Blessed Be the Fruit vs. Pusskee Grabs Back
Lane 3: Full Urkel vs. Beers, Balls, Battlestar (makeup)





NEWS & Announcements


Did they do that?!

Full Urkel takes down I Am Brewt in the finals, and chugs that sweet nectar from the Skeeson VIII Mug.


Hey Lady!

Trouble runs the gauntlet and takes down the Skeeson VIII BROTY title, winning one for the girls.


davinskee wins the hundo challenge!


Katt-astrophe, skeeson viii 10th ball award winner

Congratulations to Katt-astrophe, the shot-buying, team-supporting, cheerleading, dabbing Skeeson VIII 10th Ball Award winner.

She exudes spirit, kinship, esteem, and excellence, and is a truly deserving winner.



Ladies and gentlemen of Brewskee-Ball, your Skeeson VIII 10th Ball Award nominees!

David “David” Herschorn
This dude once wore a skin-tight, U.S. Navy–themed wrestling singlet in public just to make sure he had a memorable team photo. That alone should be enough to justify his nomination. But wait, there’s more. Because a bulge barely disguised by a nylon aircraft carrier isn’t David’s only contribution to team photo night. David is team photo night. He owns it. In addition to his annual costume adventures, he also provides the backgrounds, the lighting, the camera, and all the other equipment. And, oh yeah, he also takes the photos for all of us. Without David, we wouldn’t have a professional portrait of nearly the entire league each skeeson. We wouldn’t have photos of us in sombreros and Santa hats and ugly sweaters. And we wouldn’t have a super genuine guy who can light up a league night with a smile and the most casual high fives you’ll ever encounter.

Katt “Katt-astrophe” Riley
“Good Will Hunting” has been on HBO recently, and I spent my most recent Friday night watching it because I’m old and lame and have more or less given up. There’s a scene where Robin Williams is arguing with Stellan Skarsgard about Matt Damon and his stunted future with his group of friends. Robin Williams says: “Why does he hang out with those retarded gorillas, as you call ’em? ’Cause any of them, if he asked them to, would take a fuckin’ bat to your head, OK. That’s called loyalty.” Graphic violence and problematic characterization of people with developmental disorders aside, this conversation about loyalty reminded me of Pusskee Grabs Back — and especially of Katt. No team sticks together more than Pusskee, and no one is more loyal to her team — and her leaguemates — than Katt. But that’s not all. No one is happier for another roller’s good score than Katt. No one cheers louder for every person in the league than Katt. No one on the planet is more enthusiastic than Katt. And no one — not Cam Newton, not Migos, and not all those white kids at high-school graduations across America — dabs like Katt.

Tracey “Tréskee” Amptman
Like Cookie Monster the first time he got a taste of some sweet chocolate chip or Oscar the Grouch the first time he shot some black-tar heroin (Oscar is a straight-up junkie. We’re all agreed on this, right?), Tracey was instantly hooked on skee-ball. She rolled a full circle during the pre-skeeson kickoff party her rookie skeeson, and that was that. She just seems to truly love skee-ball. And the girl practices. Not only is she getting in extra frames as a regular member of the Late-Night Skeleton Crew, but she’s also an every-week member of … whatever we call the group that shows up early to practice. The opposite of Late-Night Skeleton Crew. Early-Evening Fleshed-Person Crew? Nope. That sounds really bad and gross. We’ll work on a name. Suggestions are welcome. Anyway. The point is that Tracey works on her game. And it shows, since she’s increased her average by more than 30 points in just two skeesons. That’s all well and good, but it’s secondary. It’s her love of the game and the league and her leaguemates — I mean, who hasn’t had a celebratory hug or high-five from Tracey? — that lands her a nomination for this prestigious award.

10th Ball Noms - Skeeson 8 v2.jpg
Awards - Skeeson 8.jpg

skeeson viii award winners

Ladies and gentleman of Brewskee-Ball, I present your Skeeson 8 award winners! Shouts to Dan Smith, Bigfoot, Nick Roll, Jo-ANNA, Captain Blue Balls, Priceless, and Blake!

And a special shout-out to Skeeva, winner of the Most Improved Roller award. She had one of the bigger jumps in average I've seen — from a 225 last skeeson to a 283.3 this skeeson. 

But Skeeva isn't the only one who showed a ton of improvement on the lanes. Katt-astrophe, Tréskee, Alley Cat, and Skeena Warrior Princess all improved their averages by at least 23 points.



League night: Tuesday nights

6:30 PM to 10:30 PM

Brewskee-Ball matches take approximately one hour.
Teams will be given a scheduled time slot each week, at either 6:30, 7:30, 8:30, or 9:30.
For those with limited Tuesday-night availability, please contact us. 


Tuesday, Sept. 18: Blind-Draw Doubles Tournament

Tuesday, Oct. 2: Skeeson 9 Charity Kickoff Party

Tuesday, Oct. 9: Week 1

Tuesday, Oct. 16: Week 2

Tuesday, Oct. 23: Week 3

Tuesday, Oct. 30: Week 4

Tuesday, Nov. 6: Week 5

November 9, 10, 11: THE BEEB!

Tuesday, Nov. 13: Week 6

Tuesday, Nov. 20: Off for Thanksgiving

Tuesday, Nov. 27: Week 7

Tuesday, Dec. 4: Week 8

Sunday, Dec. 9: Brewskee Mug Tournament

Tuesday, Dec. 11: BROTY and Hundo Challenge



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Los Angeles, CA



How It Works

What Is Brewskee-Ball?

Since establishing the first-ever competitive Skee-Ball league in New York City in 2005, Brewskee-Ball has fashioned a loyal network of teams, players, and fans across the country. Brewskee-Ball is currently played in Los Angeles, Brooklyn, San Francisco, Austin, Gainesville, and Wilmington, N.C. — from skee to shining skee.

What Do I Need to Know?

• A Brewskee-Ball team consists of three rollers, each of whom roll 10 frames per match (nine balls per frame). Each match is played against one other three-roller team, with the goal of getting the highest score you can.

• The regular skeeson consists of eight weeks of head-to-head matches (one match per team each week). The post-skeeson consists of three tournaments: the Brewskee Mug Tournament (for teams), the BROTY (for individuals), and the Hundo Challenge (for hitting hundos like a sick-ass boss).

I Want In. What's Next?

• Form a team (three people per team, plus alternates). If you don't have a team, you can sign up as an individual and we'll find you teammates!

• Craft a witty team name (e.g. The Skee Amigos, Just Brew It, Nevertheless Skee Persisted).

• Sign up below. For team registrations: You can sign up as a full team all at once or each person can sign up individually. (Alternates do not need to register.)

• Registration fee includes eight weeks of regular-season Skee-Ball plus playoffs, three league shirts per team, end-of-season trophies, and unlimited fun.