skeeson 12 is rolling now!


League Pics


Stats & Schedule



Monday Division

schedule coming soon!

Times listed are when the first ball hits the lanes. If you want some practice rolls, please arrive 15 minutes early.


Tuesday Division

Week 3 schedule

Times listed are when the first ball hits the lanes. If you want some practice rolls, please arrive 15 minutes early.


Lane 1: Skeelino and Barnes vs. Gutter Gang
Lane 2: Cherry Garskeea vs. Takin’ It Skeezy
Lane 3: Skee’s Company vs. Pusskee Grabs Back


Lane 1: Letterkenskee vs. SF South
Lane 2: Flix of the Wrist vs. Axis of Skeevil
Lane 3: 36 Double Skees vs. Les Misrollables


Lane 1: Open for Practice
Lane 2:
Safe Circle Gents vs. Letterkenskee (makeup)
Lane 3:
Open for Practice



NEWS & Announcements

bigfoot gets the job done

It took him 10 skeesons and he endured some crushing defeats along the way, but Bigfoot finally won a BROTY. He faced off in the finals against Jo-ANNA — the person who thwarted him in the finals of his first BROTY back in Skeeson 2 — and triumphed on a last-ball 40 to win by one in the decisive fifth frame. Mazels to the guy with the biggest feet around. He deserves it.


Stepfather of Hundos


In the first roll of the first round of the 11th Hundo Challenge, Stepfather of Dragons dropped six. And the game was basically over. He never looked back after that, running the table on the rest of the field. He chugged from the Skeeson 11 Hundo Goblet, further padding his Hall of Fame credentials.

Your Skeeson 11 bmt Champs: Skee’s having a baby!

Congratulations to our Skeeson 11 Brewskee Mug Tournament winners, Skee’s Having a Baby. Even in the absence of Marvelous Mrs. Maisroll, they were able to chug from the Mug. Mando Commando, Priceless, Dan Smith, and little Striker knocked off surprise finals qualifier Cherry Garskeea to take the Skeeson 11 title.


Skeeson 11 award winners

Awards - Skeeson 11.jpg


League nights: MOnday (THunderbird)
and Tuesday (Busby’s East)
6:30 PM to 10:30 PM

Brewskee-Ball matches take approximately one hour.
Teams will be given a scheduled time slot each week, at either 6:30, 7:30, 8:30, or 9:30.
For those with limited Tuesday-night availability, please contact us. 


Tuesday Division

Tuesday, Oct. 1: Kickoff Party and Fundraiser

Tuesday, Oct. 8: Week 1

Tuesday, Oct. 15: Week 2

Tuesday, Oct. 22: Week 3

Tuesday, Oct. 29: Week 4

Tuesday, Nov. 5: Week 5

Tuesday, Nov. 12: Week 6 (Team Photo Night)

Tuesday, Nov. 19: Week 7

Tuesday, Nov. 26: Off for Thanksgiving

Tuesday, Dec. 3: Week 8


Sunday, Dec. 15: Championship Sunday

Tuesday, Dec. 17: BROTY and Hundo Challenge


Monday division


12217 Wilshire Blvd.

Los Angeles


Tuesday division

busby's east

5364 Wilshire BLvd.

Los Angeles 


How It Works

What Is Brewskee-Ball?

Since establishing the first-ever competitive Skee-Ball league in New York City in 2005, Brewskee-Ball has fashioned a loyal network of teams, players, and fans across the country. Brewskee-Ball is currently played in Los Angeles, Brooklyn, San Francisco, Austin, Gainesville, and Wilmington, N.C. — from skee to shining skee.

What Do I Need to Know?

• A Brewskee-Ball team consists of three rollers, each of whom roll 10 frames per match (nine balls per frame). Each match is played against one other three-roller team, with the goal of getting the highest score you can.

• The regular skeeson consists of eight weeks of head-to-head matches (one match per team each week). The post-skeeson consists of three tournaments: the Brewskee Mug Tournament (for teams), the BROTY (for individuals), and the Hundo Challenge (for hitting hundos like a sick-ass boss).

I Want In. What's Next?

• Form a team (three people per team, plus alternates). If you don't have a team, you can sign up as an individual and we'll find you teammates!

• Craft a witty team name (e.g. The Skee Amigos, Just Brew It, Nevertheless Skee Persisted).

• Sign up below. For team registrations: You can sign up as a full team all at once or each person can sign up individually. (Alternates do not need to register.)

• Registration fee includes eight weeks of regular-season Skee-Ball plus playoffs, three league shirts per team, end-of-season trophies, and unlimited fun.

Having trouble with the sign-up form? Click here.