Skeeson 7 is rolling now!


League Pics

Stats & Schedule



These times are when the first ball hits the lane. Please show up 15 minutes ahead if you want some practice rolls.


Lane 1: Flat Earth Socieskee vs. Bend the Skee (makeup)
Lane 2: Open for Practice


Lane 1: Skeez Nuts vs. Skee's Company
Lane 2: Bend the Skee vs. Beyonce Rolls


Lane 1: Becky With the Good Rolls vs. Skeed by the Ball
Lane 2: Secretaries of Skeet vs. Skee Amigos


Lane 1: Full Urkel vs. ASkeeLBrew
Lane 2: Nevertheless Skee Persisted vs. Big Lebowskee





NEWS & Announcements



Karaoke makeup party!

We're about to roll into Week 3, and, as a whole, we're racking up a decent amount of makeup matches that need to be done. With only two lanes (for now), it's difficult to schedule all those makeups on league nights. So let's get together on an off night and get those makeups taken care of!

Wednesday is karaoke night at Busby's, so let's do a duet of skee-ball and drunken sing-shouting! Makeups can be rolled between 7 pm and 10 pm, with karaoke starting at 10.

"Take Me Home, Country Road" isn't gonna sing itself, so I need you all to be there!

What: Karaoke Makeup Party
When: Wednesday, April 25
Where: Busby's East

Skeeson 7 kickoff party

We had our Skeeson 7 kickoff party on Tuesday, during which we raised $360 for the St. Joseph Center. That’s right: $360. Incredible that we landed on that exact number. It’s a full circle’s worth of dollars going to charity. And since both Mando and Bigfoot surpassed DaVinskee’s total of 60 hundos from last season’s kickoff, Joanna and I donated an additional $100, for a total of $460!


Mando led the way with 70 hundos, followed closely by Bigfoot with a very nice 69 hundos. And Skeena Warrior Princess finished the night in third place. She rolled only eight hundos, but she found 34 basketballs and 118 tokens under the lanes. 

And when I use my tokens-to-hundos conversion chart, that works out to...something. Whatevs. I unilaterally award Skeena Warrior Princess third place, for which she wins...nothing. Which is the same thing first and second place get. Good work, everyone!
We also had some fresh-faced rookies in attendance. It was lovely to welcome Patty, Chrissy, and Merrick from Skeed by the Ball to the league, among others. We’re happy to have you rolling with us! And the entirety of Beyonce Rolls is returning for their second season, including Colby, who celebrated her 27th birthday with us by rolling her age. Happy birthday, Colby!


new league location

Unfortunately, our time at the Sandbox was short-lived. But don't despair! Busby's East (5364 Wilshire) has ridden their noble steed to our rescue and offered their space as the new location for Brewskee-Ball Los Angeles. The bar is super cool and will be a top-notch location for the league. Plus, they have karaoke and pool and a flippin' indoor mini-golf course. I think we're in good hands!



League night: Tuesday nights

6:30 PM to 10:30 PM

Teams will be given a scheduled time slot each week. 
For those with limited Tuesday-night availability, please contact us. 


Tuesday, March 20: Skeeson 7 Charity Kickoff Party

Tuesday, March 27: Week 1

Tuesday, April 3: Week 2

Tuesday, April 10: Week 3

Tuesday, April 17: Week 4

Tuesday, April 24: Week 5

Tuesday, May 1: Week 6

Tuesday, May 8: Week 7

Tuesday, May 15: Week 8

Sunday, May 20: Brewskee Mug Tournament

Tuesday, May 22: BROTY and Hundo Challenge



busby's east

5364 Wilshire BLvd.

Los Angeles, CA



How It Works

What Is Brewskee-Ball?

Since establishing the first-ever competitive Skee-Ball league in New York City in 2005, Brewskee-Ball has fashioned a loyal network of teams, players, and fans across the country. Brewskee-Ball is currently played in Los Angeles, Brooklyn, San Francisco, Austin, Gainesville, and Wilmington, N.C. — from skee to shining skee.

What Do I Need to Know?

• A Brewskee-Ball team consists of three rollers, each of whom roll 10 frames per match (nine balls per frame). Each match is played against one other three-roller team, with the goal of getting the highest score you can.

• The regular skeeson consists of eight weeks of head-to-head matches (one match per team each week). The post-skeeson consists of three tournaments: the Brewskee Mug Tournament (for teams), the BROTY (for individuals), and the Hundo Challenge (for hitting hundos like a sick-ass boss).

I Want In. What's Next?

• Form a team (three people per team, plus alternates). If you don't have a team, you can sign up as an individual and we'll find you teammates!

• Craft a witty team name (e.g. The Skee Amigos, Just Brew It, Nevertheless Skee Persisted).

• Sign up below. For team registrations: You can sign up as a full team all at once or each person can sign up individually. (Alternates do not need to register.)

• Registration fee includes eight weeks of regular-season Skee-Ball plus playoffs, three league shirts per team, end-of-season trophies, and unlimited fun.