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League Pics

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These times are when the first ball hits the lane. Please show up 15 minutes ahead if you want some practice rolls.


Practice and Warmups
Presentation of League Shirts
National Anthem


(2) I Am Brewt vs. (7) Secretaries of Skeet
(3) Nevertheless Skee Persisted vs. (6) Skee Amigos


(1) ASkeeLBrew vs. (8) Skee's Company
(4) Full Urkel vs. (5) Bend the Skee


Semifinals: Winner of 1/8 vs. Winner of 4/5
Semifinals: Winner of 2/7 vs. Winner of 3/6


The Championship Match


Chugging from the Mug
Awards Ceremony





NEWS & Announcements


10th ball award nominees

10th Ball Noms - Skeeson 7 v2.jpg

The John Fisk 10th Ball Award is the greatest honor in Brewskee-Ball. It goes to the person (or team) in the league who most exemplifies the spirit, kinship, esteem, and excellence — S.K.E.E. — that make up the pillars of Brewskee-Ball. More than a Mug or a BROTY or a Hundo Challenge or any other trophy, the 10th Ball Award represents the beating heart of the league, and the winner captures the essence of what Brewskee-Ball is all about. It truly is an honor.

The winner will be announced at the Awards Ceremony after the BMT on Sunday, and the nominees will be announced…right now!

Alex “Rex Skeeterson” Lane
Sure, some of this is technically part of Alex’s job. But he’s gone so far above and beyond the call of duty. I mean, the guy is so dedicated to the fun of the league that he voluntarily wore a unitard to team photo night just for the laugh. But Alex’s contributions go beyond the revealing patriotism of that get-up. He’s a commanding presence on league nights, he filled in while I was away on vacation, and, above all, he lead the charge to find us our new home at Busby’s. We wouldn’t be here without Alex, but, unfortunately, we’re about to be here without Alex. Before he leaves the league after this season to travel the world, let’s give him a nod of appreciation for everything he’s done for the league. Thanks for the memories — including the ones forever seared into our collective consciousness from team photo night.

Jayne “Gutterball” Clark
Nominating Jayne “Gutterball” Clark for the 10th Ball Award presented a bit of a conundrum. Her very nickname stems from the fact that she won a startling five consecutive Gutter Awards this season. Can a person who so clearly and obviously earned those inauspicious accolades truly be worthy of a 10th Ball, the very antithesis of the Gutter Award? I mean, yeah. Cuz all those Gutter Awards were in jest. Because Jayne is like the whole league’s sibling — we can give her shit, but anyone else who does is in for a world of hurt. As one of the more spirited rollers in the league and the unofficial leader of the Late-Night Skeleton Crew, many of Jayne’s contributions to the league are visible every Tuesday. (Seriously, is there a roller who isn’t friends with her?) But she’s also indispensable behind the scenes. If you’ve ever seen a Brewskee-Ball Los Angeles poster that looks professionally done, that’s Jayne. A beautiful yet informative Brewskee-Ball Facebook ad? Also Jayne. And the awesome league shirts we get at the end of each season? Jayne again. Jayne has done so much for the league — both in front of and behind the scenes — that she still has an incredibly deep reservoir of 10th Ball goodwill remaining even after the plethora of Gutter Awards.

Beyoncé Rolls
Steph Belsky, Colby DiSarro, Rachel Skidmore, and Eva Wong
Should it be Belskee, the originator of the team? Should it be Queen ColBEE, the hundo crusher and supposed karaoke queen? Should it be Raquelooskee, with her pin-laden hat? Should it be Eva, the all-time score-keeper who can never find parking? Well, it’s impossible to nominate any of them as single ladies (see what I did there?). For a team named after one of the greatest solo artists of all time, they really stick together as a group. (Perhaps Kelly and Michelle should have joined Beyoncé Rolls instead of Beyoncé Knowles. But I digress…) So that’s how they’re being nominated — as Brewskee-Ball LA’s first team 10th Ball nomination! In only their second season, the Hive has taken over. Whether they’re bringing their own costumes — complete with wardrobe changes — to team photo night, turning our league pins into haute couture, or appearing in approximately 60 percent of all league-night photos, it’s impossible to imagine Brewskee-Ball Los Angeles without them. Long live the queens.

Championship sunday!

The time has finally arrived — it’s the Brewskee Mug Tournament! Who will chug from the Mug this skeeson? Will Nevertheless Skee Persisted persist … neverthelessly(?) … and defend their title in Skeeson 7? Can they do it without the steady, full-circle-pounding right hand of Priceless? Will I Am Brewt find redemption after last skeeson’s semifinals defeat? Will ASkeeLBrew match (or surpass) their incredible Week 8 performance and find their way back to the top of the lanes to sip that sweet nectar? Or will it be a new team? Will Full Urkel go Full Urquelle? Will Bend the Skee rise up? Will the Secretaries of Skeet’s tenure in the BMT last longer than Rex Tillerson’s at the State Department? Will Skee’s Company be the first eight-seed to win it all? Will the Skee Amigos turn their rookie dominance into just plain dominance, sans caveat?


We’ll see on Sunday! Come by and have a couple beers and cheer on your league mates!

BMT Bracket - Skeeson 7.jpg

League Shirts

Another reason to come to the BMT even if you’re not playing: shirts! The league shirts have arrived, and they’ll be distributed before/during the BMT on Sunday. Jayne Clark did an amazing job on our league shirts, per us. Per use? Per yoozh? Per usual. So make sure to let her know how awesome they are.

Awards - Skeeson 7.jpg

Award Winners

Here’s the list of the Skeeson 7 award winners. The Awards Ceremony will take place after the BMT champs chug from the Mug post-BMT on Sunday.














The BROTY and Hundo Challenge

The BROTY is next Tuesday, May 22, starting at 7:30. The Hundo Challenge will immediately follow the BROTY. Anyone in the league is welcome to play in the Hundo Challenge. There aren't any qualifications for it, other than, ya know, being in the league.

Here’s the preliminary BROTY list, as well as the bubble list. The top 16 rollers by average make the BROTY, but don’t fret if you’re not in the top 16 right now. There are often people who drop out, so you still have a chance! Speaking of which, please let me know as soon as possible if you’re not going to be able to make it to the BROTY next Tuesday, May 22, so I can alert the next person up on the bubble list.

BROTY List - Skeeson 7.jpg
BROTY Bubble Skeeson 7.png


League night: Tuesday nights

6:30 PM to 10:30 PM

Teams will be given a scheduled time slot each week. 
For those with limited Tuesday-night availability, please contact us. 


Tuesday, March 20: Skeeson 7 Charity Kickoff Party

Tuesday, March 27: Week 1

Tuesday, April 3: Week 2

Tuesday, April 10: Week 3

Tuesday, April 17: Week 4

Tuesday, April 24: Week 5

Tuesday, May 1: Week 6

Tuesday, May 8: Week 7

Tuesday, May 15: Week 8

Sunday, May 20: Brewskee Mug Tournament

Tuesday, May 22: BROTY and Hundo Challenge



busby's east

5364 Wilshire BLvd.

Los Angeles, CA



How It Works

What Is Brewskee-Ball?

Since establishing the first-ever competitive Skee-Ball league in New York City in 2005, Brewskee-Ball has fashioned a loyal network of teams, players, and fans across the country. Brewskee-Ball is currently played in Los Angeles, Brooklyn, San Francisco, Austin, Gainesville, and Wilmington, N.C. — from skee to shining skee.

What Do I Need to Know?

• A Brewskee-Ball team consists of three rollers, each of whom roll 10 frames per match (nine balls per frame). Each match is played against one other three-roller team, with the goal of getting the highest score you can.

• The regular skeeson consists of eight weeks of head-to-head matches (one match per team each week). The post-skeeson consists of three tournaments: the Brewskee Mug Tournament (for teams), the BROTY (for individuals), and the Hundo Challenge (for hitting hundos like a sick-ass boss).

I Want In. What's Next?

• Form a team (three people per team, plus alternates). If you don't have a team, you can sign up as an individual and we'll find you teammates!

• Craft a witty team name (e.g. The Skee Amigos, Just Brew It, Nevertheless Skee Persisted).

• Sign up below. For team registrations: You can sign up as a full team all at once or each person can sign up individually. (Alternates do not need to register.)

• Registration fee includes eight weeks of regular-season Skee-Ball plus playoffs, three league shirts per team, end-of-season trophies, and unlimited fun.